Promotions in Guadalajara, village named Matarrubia, where you can benefit from high quality housing and very good financial conditions.

Currently, we have a promotion of homes for sale in the village of Matarrubia in Guadalajara. Matarrubia is not very known, but is very unique and one of the most extensive villages in Guadalaja. Matarrubia is located at the bottom of La Alcarria, where the even of Uceda confluence with the beginning of Sierra Norte and the mountain of Ocejón in the background. Matarrubia is very especial because of its wide plain countryside, bright coloured sky and a horizon, where the blue mountains outperform.

By its continental climate, in Matarrubia winters are very cold and summers are hot. However, the climate is milder than in the mountains. Throughout the year you can see snow at the top of the mountains of Sierra de Ocejón.

The land of Matarrubia has many ravines formed of clay. They appear when the hills collapse and make the landscape extremely spectacular. One of the most interesting places, but less known, is the small Matarrubia alcornocal. This alcornocal is one of northern ones of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a forest located in a small valley, at the end of the ascent to Cantarranas.

The geographical situation of Matarrubia is exceptional. The village is close to other popular villages and outstanding places. Puebla de Valles is located in a vast Valley, surrounded by red gullies. The landscape from the road is very nice. Valdesotos is a village crossed by the Jarama River. It has a well-known roman bridge and also has the first signs of “Black architecture” in the area. Close to it you will find Valverde de los Arroyos and Majaelrayo, two villages pointed out by having this style of construction. Heading to the countryside you will find Villaseca de Uceda and the Mierla. They are small towns with modest buildings and beautiful landscapes.

The forest road leading to Matallana from El Vado barrier lake has more extensive open views of the area. Before arriving to Matallana you will find La Vereda (a sidewalk), which is probably the best preserved “Black architecture” of the area. Further, at Matallana, the integration between constructions and landscape is remarkable.

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